ra|tion|al «RASH uh nuhl, RASH nuhl», adjective, noun.
1. sensible; reasonable; reasoned out: »

When people are very angry, they seldom act in a rational way.

SYNONYM(S): sound, wise, judicious, sane.
2. able to think and reason clearly: »

As children grow older, they become more rational. The patient appeared perfectly rational.

3. of reason; based on reasoning: »

There is a rational explanation for thunder and lightning.

4. Mathematics. a) of or having to do with a rational number. b) involving no root that cannot be extracted.
5. Prosody. of or having to do with a syllable in Greek or Latin verse that has the metrical value needed to fit the pattern.
1. that which is rational or reasonable.
2. = rational number. (Cf.rational number)
[< Latin ratiōnālis < ratiō; see etym. under ratio (Cf.ratio)]
ra´tion|al|ly, adverb.
ra´tion|al|ness, noun.

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